Friday, September 28, 2012


Here it is, my finished Gluckhaus game. Well, I still need to attach at string so it can be rolled up and tied shut, and I still need to craft two six-sided dice to go with it, but the big pretty embroidery work is done.

See for yourself!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Told ya I was making something!

It was time for another quickie project. I've been busy, like I said in my last post, and I really just wanted to have a little something at hand that I could pick up and put down fast without a lot of fussing around. So I whipped up a plan for a Gluckhaus board.

What's that? you ask. Well, it's a game. It's easy to learn, fast to play, involves gambling, and doesn't require any strategy or even  much thought.  (Click here for more info.) Mostly you just give or take coins. Because of its simple nature, I find it a little boring. I intend to spice things up a bit by involving a drinking-game element to it, or perhaps something in the way of a truth-or-dare or forfeit. We'll see.

So up there at the top, you have The King (12). And right under him is The Wedding (7). At the very bottom is The Pig (2).  If you roll 12, you get to take all the money in all the squares, because you're the king! If you roll 7, you get to take all the money on 7 as a wedding present.  And if you roll 2, you get to take all the money on the board, you greedy thing, except the coins on 7 -- because not even a pig would steal from a wedding.

I think I need to add an outline on the figures.
They're a little indistinct without one.

The cloth is a piece of wool/linen blend, and I'm using tapestry wool for the embroidery. The brown stitching on the natural-colored cloth looks very rustic, and I think a climbing vine with leaves and flowers will decorate the framework of the squares before I'm done.

There's a chill in the air these mornings that is prodding at me, reminding me that all that wool in the closet would like to be made into warm clothing. I wonder what I'll make next..?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh, where have you been, Wenny-girl, Wenny-girl...

Jeepers! It's been a long time since I updated. To be fair, though, it's been a while since I did any sewing. The last two weeks have been pretty much non-stop petsitting clients and working with my horses at the stable. Seems like the only times I stopped were to eat or sleep, and sometimes that felt like the same time. It's hard to eat a sandwich when your head is nodding, and yawning with a mouthful of that sandwich is just gross.

Now that Labor Day is past, my schedule is almost back to normal. With one exception: I've found a woman who will let me work with her horses since the training stable where I've been going is closing down. She has three out-of-shape horses that I have nicknamed "The Three Little Pigs" (TLPs, for short) and I have made it my goal in life to get them into good condition. Once the stable is closed, I'll be working with the TLPs three or four days a week.

Oh no! I hear you crying, But does this mean the end of Wenny Makes It? 

'Course not!  I still have all that wool in the closet, remember? And if you'll pardon the cliché phrase, Winter is Coming. New garments for the rainy season must be made. Plus there's my magnum opus! So never fear: Wenny will go on, probably far longer than anyone holds an interest.

Stay tuned. Tonight I'm gonna make a start on something and pictures will be forthcoming!