Saturday, June 20, 2015

Caitlyn's Dress

A 100% Irish linen tablecloth for two dollars at thrift: would 60x96" be enough fabric to make a suitable gown for Caitlyn's trip to Camlann?  I hoped so, because the color wasn't right for me at all. So I sat down with my friends Math and Measuring Tape and together we came up with a pattern that was just right.

I love graph paper, don't you? It's just the best.

Then I started measuring it onto the fabric and second guessing myself, like I almost always do. Twenty inches for the front and back? Really? The only body measurements I had to go on were waist (30") and bust (36") and somehow even allowing for seams, that 20" was probably a bit generous. So I changed it to 18" and brought out the scissors.

Hemmed up the pieces, stitched the body pieces, sleeves and arm gussets in, and had her try it on.

Surprise, surprise -- it didn't fit.

She blamed it on her broad shoulders, and that may have been part of it. Fortunately there was an easy fix, and I had that little scrap of extra yardage to use. Kite-shaped underarm gussets provided enough ease through the bust and shoulder, and when she tried it on a second time, I did a little happy-clappy skip of delight. The fit was perfect -- just what I was going for. I wanted it to hug the curves a little and not look boxy. Mission accomplished. She has the perfect medieval silhouette, too, slender and long-waisted. All I have left is the bottom hem and she'll be ready to go.

I made her a ring belt out of my leather scrap bin, punching holes to make a flower-esque sort of decoration.

Our trip to the 14th century is less than a month away. Then you'll get pictures of everyone in their finery. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go cut some dark blue raw silk into a tunic.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh my goodness -- she's SEWING.

It's true, folks: I'm busily sewing away. I have a handful of items to make for a family trip to Camlann for the St James Faire and I absolutely guarantee that there will be pictures. Later on, though-- because right now I'm stitching! I've got two dresses, two tunics, a pair of pants, and a chemise to whip up, in about a month. So keep an eye on me here and I promise you'll see gratifying pictures in a bit.

Here's a picture for now to make your visit here worthwhile.

"Fair lady, wilt thou this ring accept in change for thine squirrel?"

"Nay, verily, good sir; for mine dogge doth team with the squirrel to solve crimes.
Also, thou hast an sword fixed in thy side, yet bleedeth not; art thou man or demon?"