Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Horsing Around

Here's a little side project that took me two nights: I made cooler-blanket for my horse Imp. It's just a light cover to throw over him after exercise so that he won't catch a chill when he's sweaty. 

I got five yards of burgundy and green plaid wool in a package deal at a yard sale, along with smaller solid colors, and I figured right away that I'd not be making a dress or anything for me out of it. Besides the color combo, sewing with plaid is a pain! Matching up the pattern -- no thank you. But a nice square horsey blanket, well, that's another matter. And I think you'll agree that the colors are quite attractive on a bay like Imp. 

It's basically just a 74" x 74" square (you can see a seam going over his rump where I pieced it together) with a strip of bias tape on the front edge. I hemmed the other three sides and braided some cord to make ties for the chest. Simple, really, and I think it's very handsome!

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