Saturday, March 9, 2013

No junk in MY trunk.

I've been taking my time with the trunk renovation. Now that it's warming up, the garage is a more inviting place to be, though, so I've been out there cranking Johnny Cash tunes and working away.

Last night I finally steamed out the last of the paper lining. Then I gave the inside a casual wipe with a damp rag as a finishing touch and was appalled when it came back absolutely black. Out came the wood soap and I scrubbed the dickens out of that box! And yeah, I didn't get before and afters -- typical, huh? But there really isn't that much of a difference to be seen. It still looks pretty beat up and rough, but I have this pretty paper to line it with once I'm done, so I'm encouraged to keep working at it.

The next step is to remove the wooden slats on the outside, prepare the metal surfaces, and give it a coat of fresh paint.

Stay tuned! There will be better pictures next time, promise!

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  1. I love Johnny Cash! He always makes me smile.