Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fabbards and silliness.

Once of the earliest projects on this blog was my fan scabbard, or "fabbard". I used a very soft piece of leather and lined it with -- well, shoot, you can read about it here.  It was never a great design, and I think I only used it once or twice before retiring it. 

We're getting ready to attend a few events this summer, now. I knew I'd be wanting to have a fan along, so I decided to make a better one out of a scrap of latigo leather I had in my stash. I stamped it with one of my favorite leather stamps to make a simple but pretty design, punched two holes and ran a fastening throng through, and stitched it up -- start to finish in about an hour. Can't get much easier than that! 

We're headed to the Oregon Country Fair this Sunday, and while it's not actually a medieval/renaissance/ye olde anything, I still plan on wearing something I've made and handing around my blog cards. (Hey, if you see me there, come introduce yourself and say hi!) So the other night I refreshed my veil-and-wimple skills. I think it's a good look for me. I remember being brokenhearted as a small child when my mom told me I couldn't be a nun because we weren't Catholic. And think of the money I'll save on sunblock! 

Admittedly, I am hamming it up a bit for this shot. Perhaps I should photoshop in a halo?
You could print this out for your very own "Our Lady of Perpetual Motion" saint card. 

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