Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A bit about a bit.

Just wanted to share a picture of the bit I picked up the other day for my horse. I found it at a local antique shop. Sometimes I wonder if the people running those shops have any idea of the real value of all the items they have. Old western bits are not as popularly collectible as, say, Hummel figurines, and I'm reasonably sure the guy in this shop just kinda squinted at this thing and made a guess.

He guessed wrong. I got it for a song. And I'm not gonna say where it was because someday he might have more, and I want to continue getting good deals there.

That's silver, folks. Silver.

This is an impressive piece of horseware, and it takes literally years of gentle, consistent training of both horse and rider before something like this can be used effectively and with respect.

My horse, Imp, is very well trained already, so my riding instructor (who spent years learning this technique, has over 40 years of experience, and has trained three horses completely through the 5-6 year process to carry this sort of bit) figures it will take about two years to get him to the point where he's ready. I am hoping that by the time he's ready, I am too!

P.S.  Yes, I am still making stuff. This blog is still about me making stuff. There will be a real post here by the weekend about actual stuff I've actually made with my own little hands and you guys, it's even 14th century stuff so please don't stop reading my blog just because my last few posts have been about horse gear, kittens, and how much I hate cheap embroidery frames.

P.P.S The kitten is really cute and a total handful. Just a moment ago I caught her swinging from the computer cables and she's really mad I made her stop. "Moxie" is the perfect name for her!

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