Friday, November 15, 2013

More leatherwork

I told you I had made a breast collar for my friend Emily. I put the top coat of leather dye on it this morning and gave it a final polish, and now it's ready to go. And I took a picture for y'all. I'll get another of it on her horse some time soon, I hope. But for now you can take a look at my work.

I didn't have to buy a thing to make this; I used hardware from my stash, made the straps by re-purposing some heavy reins, and cut my own straps. Putting on buckles is pretty easy, and to think; I was worried it would be a hassle!

I find a great deal of satisfaction in cutting and stitching my own strap keepers -- those little leather circles that you tuck the end of a strap into so it doesn't flap.  Details are what take us into the realm of art, my friends.

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