Friday, September 12, 2014

MC: Lady Elvis?

It's starting to cool off as fall sets in, which is good, because I can't handle many more 80-degree days sitting with a wool cloak thrown over my knees as I stitch on hundreds of sequins.

Stitching sequins isn't difficult work, but there sure are a lot of them and tying off after each one makes it hard to get into a rhythm. I'm almost out of red thread, too. I figured putting the shinies on this cloak would be a three-evening job at most. Boy, was I wrong.

And the little buggers have a nasty tendency to reflect my sewing light right into my eyes. Dave pointed out the other night that when I shift the cloak on my lap, the sequin reflections dance and swirl on the ceiling, giving an air of late-70s disco to the room. The cats think it's fantastic.

The worst part of it is, I'm not even half done yet! I still have to mark and set the sequins on the other half of the cloak. It's a good thing we've been given a year to finish this challenge. And here I thought I'd be done in no time. Ha! Ha ha!

On the plus side, the cloak looks amazing. I've never seen anything like this at an event, and I'm rather looking forward to showing it off like a medieval Elvis.

Dave asked who I was making this outfit for: myself, him, just to fit Imogene as a display piece, or to sell, or what?  I told him it was for me, of course. Is it odd that my Manuscript Challenge will be cross-dressing? Perhaps I should hire a model that looks a bit more like the guy in the drawing, instead of putting it on my thick-waisted, middle-aged female self. I guess in the time given I could shed a few pounds, but that still won't help when it comes to the beard. Hmm. Something to think about!


  1. Are you using single strand or double strand thread? If double, two passes through the fabric should be enough. One pass, second pass, knot and done.

  2. I've been doing four single passes. Your way is faster! Thank you for increasing my productivity by double. Hooray!