Sunday, October 12, 2014

MC: The Tunic

Tonight is the season premier of The Walking Dead. Following tradition, we will be attending a watching party hosted by our friends. As I can't sit still and watch tv without some busywork in my hands, I decided to begin the tunic portion of my Manuscript Challenge.

It's a pretty straightforward pattern, with three main parts: body, sleeves, and gores. I based my style on this Dalmatic tunic (click the bottom text to see the pattern) although my sleeve insets are square, not rounded, and my neckline doesn't have that little tail on it.

When we dyed this fabric, my friend pointed out a few spots where the dye hadn't taken as well for whatever reason. (Yes, this is the same fabric! Amazing what different lighting can do to a camera.) I tried to work around those few spots, or place there where they'd be least noticeable, but there was just nothing for it when it came to this sleeve -- the spot was going to be right in the middle of it. I compared both sides of the fabric and decided that the one side was less noticeable than the other, so that will help, and I'll be sure to place it so the spot is on the back of the arm and not the front. Thank goodness I'll have that flashy cloak to command all the attention; no one will notice these few pale spots. I hope.

The store didn't have much to offer in the way of silk thread. This blue doesn't match exactly, but it's very close. Notice how the fabric color is again very different from the other pictures!

The color in real life is an almost perfect match to the inspiration picture, so let's end with that image again here. Next you'll see of this tunic is when it's put together and I start the gold work for the sleeves and hem.

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