Sunday, December 28, 2014

Further Hobbitses!

As the Hobbit party draws nearer, I realized I wasn't happy with the dark blue pinwale corduroy I had chosen for a cloak. I lined it with red satin and it's pretty, but it hasn't got that hobbit-y feel to it. It's too fancy. Back in the stash closet, I found a moss green wool, and by luck it coordinated beautifully with a jacquard trim I had picked up from the sale bin just a few days before for a dollar! By turning the hem up and covering the raw edge with the ribbon, I saved sewing time and put this together very quickly. 

I made the hood nice and deep, with a tassel on the end. I braided it, but I'm not sure about that, so I might undo it. There is a tiny brass bell tied into the tassel as well, for just a little jingle. Very merry! 

The closure at the neck is made from leather I stamped with acorns and a deer-hoof stamp on the border. I cut two buttons from one of my stash antlers, polished them with a little beeswax, and stitched them on. The leather buttonholes are a bit stiff, so I just slip it on over my head.

Next time I'll post my tutorial on how to make Hobbit feet!

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  1. And may I say - you looked *fantastic* in your Hobbit outfit.