Saturday, March 7, 2015

Roy Tulip!

All the pieces were stitched together, but I had to wait for the joints I ordered to arrive in the mail. The local craft shop had a four-foot section of plastic googly eyes, and next to that another section of safety eyes, plastic noses, wig hair, wings and halos, wire-rimmed doll spectacles, display stands and all sorts of other things, but not a single packet of joint assemblies. Thank goodness for Amazon. 

The blue yarn marks eye placement, and there are scribbled markings to show where everything attaches, but the bear really doesn't look like much in its inside-out, marked-up state. I had a moment of concern that it wasn't going to turn out particularly well. 

But once the stuffing was in and the joints were snapped together, I had a VERY cute bear! A few stitches with tapestry wool added the finishing touches to his paws and claws and gave him a nose and mouth.

I clipped the fur shorter on his muzzle, which gives a nice antique look. Don't tell Dave I used his beard trimmer for that.

A little blue sweater added the perfect cozy touch. I call him Roy Tulip, because that's his name.

I've started work on a second bear (mostly because the packet of joints had enough for another one) that will have black fur and a brown muzzle and paws. I don't know if it'll turn out as well, because I really like the variations in Roy Tulip's fur and the solid black won't have that same look, but we'll see. Stay tuned!

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