Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh my goodness -- she's SEWING.

It's true, folks: I'm busily sewing away. I have a handful of items to make for a family trip to Camlann for the St James Faire and I absolutely guarantee that there will be pictures. Later on, though-- because right now I'm stitching! I've got two dresses, two tunics, a pair of pants, and a chemise to whip up, in about a month. So keep an eye on me here and I promise you'll see gratifying pictures in a bit.

Here's a picture for now to make your visit here worthwhile.

"Fair lady, wilt thou this ring accept in change for thine squirrel?"

"Nay, verily, good sir; for mine dogge doth team with the squirrel to solve crimes.
Also, thou hast an sword fixed in thy side, yet bleedeth not; art thou man or demon?"

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