Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Birthday to us!

Another trip around the sun, and now my blog is four years old. Amazing how time flies. To think it all started with a trip to a patio sale where I purchased Imogene, my dressmaking mannequin, for all of three dollars. That purchase allowed me to take pictures of my creations -- no more having to ask someone else to take pictures of me wearing them! -- and made it so much easier to share them with you all, leading to this blog. I should really put a party hat on Imogene to celebrate. If she had a head. (Can one wear a party hat on a neck stump?)

Now usually I spend a few sentences in these birthday posts to encourage everyone get creative and make stuff, but this year I'm changing that: Hey, Wenny. Get it together, girl. You're as creative as ever, but you're letting your friends here slip. You need to post more! 

There's still that Manuscript Challenge to finish, so you'll see future posts about my progress on that.

And the Camlann outfits I made for the St James Festival! I'll get pictures of those, though we ended up skipping altogether because it was 94 degrees (that's 34 Celsius) that afternoon and with my 76 year old mom and 4 year old nephew, I just couldn't see anyone of us enjoying it.

There are also the projects that my nephew and I worked on together, although I haven't many pictures because I was so focused on him that I didn't step back to snap photos.

So you see, I have plenty of things to show you in the coming days. I just need to set down my tools and needles and write a little more often.

Until next time, I hope your scissors are sharp, your corners are square, and your time is productive.

Let's make something!

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