Thursday, December 10, 2015

Look out -- hot stuff!

Dave's birthday happened again, like it does every year. To mark the occasion, I made him a special gift, like I do because he just makes things look so good. Check this out:

Is that a manly man, or what? I made his smoking jacket out of a bolt of cotton/wool blend I got at the thrift shop for seven dollars. I had intended to use some grey wool that I had been saving to make myself something, but when I saw this, I knew the color would suit him much better.

The coat is lined with the same pink and burgandy satin-y fabric I used for my candybox skirt. I wish I had thought to have him flip back the tails so you could see it. Another time, perhaps.

The fastenings on the front, the "frogs", I made myself --and you can, too! They're not terribly difficult, once you get the hang of them. I used black paracord and they look just fine. Don't spend a fortune on tacky pre-made ones at the shop! Tie a few up for yourself and dazzle your friends. 

The fez was just kind of a silly thing I tried out with some leftover red bulky yarn, but Dave loves it and I have to admit he makes it look quite splendid. It's warm, too. We really need to buy a drafty old house to make it worthwhile having these cozy things.

Maybe not.

Dave rarely smokes his pipe, but it certainly goes with the outfit. "All you need is a spaniel and a moose head above the fireplace!" I said.

Now Dave is worried I'll find us a moose head some where.  Oooh, that would be awesome, wouldn't it? I could make it a matching fez!

...close enough.


  1. Sorted!

  2. Also available in Birch, if cardboard is too cheap looking for you: