Friday, February 19, 2016

Sorry, not sorry?

Sometimes I look at my blog now, as compared to previous years, and I think, "What the heck happened?"

I mean, when I started out, this was going to be all about me hand sewing reproduction garments, discussing my methods and techniques, and posting brag pictures of my beautiful wool. linen, and silk clothing.  I was going to find similarly creative people so we could learn from each other. Maybe get some custom orders. At least gain the sort of status where I could show up at a con or event and have maybe one or two people say "Oh, hey! I read your blog!"

Then horses showed up and leatherwork and restoration got interesting for me. Should I really do this post about the saddle? I asked myself. It's not like the stuff I usually do. But I did, because hey, they certainly have worked leather throughout history. Maybe this saddle isn't as historical as all that, but if you do leather for historical times, some of the sewing techniques and cleaning methods would be applicable.

Steampunk stuff. Fixing beat up old trunks. Doll stuff.

It's diverted quite a way from my original intent. My stats page shows me people are still reading about the same as always, with the most popular post being the one with the steampunk plague doctor's mask. It is pretty cool, but I know the main reason it gets so many hits is because someone linked it on Pinterest and shared my old technique of marking off stitching holes in leather with a fork. That and my rambling post about the St Birgitta's cap are my two big hits, far and away.

When I started here four years ago, I thought about naming this "The Wennaisance" because how clever is that, but as a more avid 14th century girl, I decided that was a bit off-base. I went with "Wenny Makes It" because it was easy to remember, I could not think of anything else quickly, and I wanted to get started. And I'm glad I did. Whenever I get hung up on how far I've strayed from the original middle-ages intent I started with, I just remind myself that four years is a long time for an active mind to stick purely to one thing. I make a lot of stuff. It's all valid here.

Sometimes I feel like I'm disappointing my original readers. Maybe they see I've updated and think "Oh, I wonder if she's sewing a new gown?" and then they look and... "Nope, it's something about buying rope at a boat shop. *sigh* What a weirdo."

So if you're one of those, all I can tell you is to stick around. With all the stuff I find to interest me, you can pretty much bet that it won't be boring. And I still have some lovely wools and linens that need to be made into clothing. and a bunch of ideas.

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