Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Silly Wintertime Fun

I'm a weirdo about my bears, I admit it. There's just something about hugging a good teddy bear that just soaks up all your worries and frets. Because they provide such a helpful service, I express my thanks in silly gifts for them.

Hugh is a newer bear, but boy what a super bear he is. I found him at thrift (of course!) for only four dollars. I picked him up and was just putting him back down when he sighed unhappily. He has  a working "growler" inside him! After my initial surprise, I was delighted. It wasn't long before he became my couch buddy.

He has no tags, but he has a striking resemblance to a 1920's Steiff bear. With no button in his ear, it's hard to prove his pedigree, but his large size (24"), rare color, and outstanding condition including working growler make him quite a valuable bear to collectors. I just think he's a great guy, and don't really care about collector value.

I got him a little fisherman sweater and that was very cute on him, but a few days ago I decided what he really needed was some sleepwear. It's winter, and that means hibernation, right?  And because it was so quickly thought of, naturally I didn't take any in-process pictures. It was cold an rainy out and I was really just indulging in some "sewing therapy" to improve my mood. Anyway here's the results:

The nightshirt is blue striped cotton with pink binding on the edges. A little pearl button and a yarn loop make the neck closure.

Hugh's bathrobe is soft blue wool with a bit of grey and white twist yarn to make the piping and belt. His pocket holds a red and blue striped cotton handkerchief in case of sniffles.

The finishing touch is his Victorian-style smoking cap, made from a piece of wool leftover from the robe and a wide band of ribbon. A silver and pearl button and cotton floss tassel top it off with style.

Now all he needs is a tiny pipe and some reading glasses and he's all set to spend the winter season in comfort.

I'll have more things to share after the holidays when the recipients have gotten their gifts and I won't spoil anything by showing them here.  Until then, I hope your days are merry and bright, and all good things come your way!

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