Thursday, April 26, 2012


Do these title puns based on "parti" ever get old? Heck no! ...well, okay, yes. Bear with me.

My stash offered up two pieces of 100% linen for my new medieval summertime frock: a dark cocoa brown and a rust brown.  I used a bit of leftover beige linen in a lighter weight to line the front of the bodice, but not the back. That's kind of an experiment. I lined the front to provide that little bit of added strength and to leave a finished edge around the neckline and for the lacing. It just looks nicer, in my opinion. The linen in the back doesn't have to bear the direct pull of lacing, and it's all pretty strong fabric -- former tablecloths-- so I think it'll be fine on its own, and cooler.

I used the same pattern as for my red flannel pettibodies and cut one front, back, and gore from each color. I haven't cut sleeves yet because I was doing a little research into length. I've decided on short sleeves, ending midway between elbow and shoulder.

Now's the part where you're probably asking "Where's the pictures, Wen? We want to see what you've done so far!" And so I will tell you: we took the dog to the creek the other day because it was like 80 degrees and sunny and she loves swimming. We hadn't counted on the springtime making the creek so fat and deep and fast-moving, but there was no stopping Josie once she saw the water -- in she goes! We threw a stick close to shore for her to fetch and bring back to us, but she became confused and grabbed onto a tree root near the bank. Once she realized it wasn't going anywhere with her, she let go, but she had become snagged up in the other roots underwater. She paddled furiously to keep her head up, but couldn't get herself free. I'll admit I panicked a bit, seeing my beloved pup caught up in the water. I went into rescue mode and plunged in after her, wading chest deep into the freezing water to pull her free and help her back to shore. Once there, I was gasping with the cold shock of it, and then a minute later, I realized my phone had been in my pocket the whole time. My cell phone is dead, you guys. I drowned it! But better it than my Josie-pup.

No phone = no pictures. But fret not! In another week or so, I get a new phone -- probably just in time to post pictures here of my finished dress. So stay tuned for that.

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