Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What next?

Summertime is coming!

I know it's only April, and the thermometer outside reads only 48 degrees, but when one is a seamstress, one must think ahead. To have clothing for hot weather, I must start now if I want to have it finished in time. To that end, I am thinking about my summertime wardrobe.

I want a new linen dress. The green linen kirtle I made for last summer was whipped up fast and dirty, and features such embarrassing details as metal grommets for lacing, machine-sewn seams, and (I shudder) epaulets. Plus the bodice has that weird tendency to pull on the one side, making the neckline wrinkle.

A simple front-lacing linen kirtle is what I want, so about four yards of fabric are what I need. Let's look in the stash, shall we?

Two greens: the pale olive that I used for the Kirtle of Embarrassment, and a similar but darker shade that is a linen blend. Not particularly exciting, but perfectly acceptable, and good colors on me.

The perfect amount of a beautiful royal blue fabric that drapes like linen but isn't. It has just a little bit of sheen that gives it away. A wash might take that off and allow this blue to pass the "campfire test" -- but would I be happy with it? Signs point to "No".

Just over three yards of cocoa brown in a shirtweight. If I'm careful in my cutting, it might be enough, since I don't need long sleeves.

I have all these pieces of linen that are just two yards or so -- pale pink, gold, rust, bright red! If only I could combine them somehow, I could make so many nice things. As it is, they're only fit for shirts and skirts, or lining bodices or bags. Frustration! I mean, not that it isn't useful to have shirts and lined bodices, but the women's garments I want to make use so much yardage. Secondhand fabric shopping has been wonderful to me and allowed me to engage in an activity I enjoy, but it does limit me. ...Attitude adjustment! It provides me with more opportunities to use my creativity to attain my goals.

I think I'll get out my pattern drafts and see if I can make the brown work. If not, I'll use the pale green. Stay tuned!

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