Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wenny Longstockings!

I finally got around to making myself a pair of stockings.  If you look back a couple of months, you'll see my first attempt at making "hosen" for myself: just look for the bright green leg with the hot pink ribbon for a garter.   The initial try-on of that green sock was disappointing, and I set the project aside, deciding to come back to it at a later time with a fresh mind.

Consider this a teaser. I'll take some pics this afternoon and you can see how I did!

Super busy! I'm prolonging the tease and will get proper pics up tonight, for sure. Until then, here's a quick shot of the left sock.

Update, part 2!

Behold! I have made socks (and cute little ribbon garters to hold them up). The linen is nice and light for summertime wear but the fabric doesn't stretch in the same way wool does, so there's a little necessary looseness around the ankle to allow me to get my foot in. These are cut on the bias, so they hit all the curves and make my legs look absolutely dishy. Hey there, fellas!

The important thing to keep in mind when you're making stockings is this: a fat seam allowance. You want nice wide seams, because a skinny seam will be like a hard ridge under your foot. A wider seam is much more comfortable.

My seams are about half an inch across (that's about 1.3 cm to you metric folks!) so when I walk on them, I don't even notice. If you're hit with a sudden desire to make your own stockings, you should check out the pics on Racaire's website. Freshen your coffee now; you'll be there a while looking at all her beautiful things!

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