Monday, June 24, 2013

I need some advice!

I got five yards of this delicious muted blue-green silk for the ridiculous price of three dollars at a thrift shop. It's not heavy enough to be a dress, but it's the perfect weight for a chemise.

It's more blue-y than the camera makes it look. Silly camera! 

All I need is someone to assure me that colored silk chemises are something that a person -- any person!-- would have worn in the fifteenth century, and I'm a happy girl.

Either that, or give me an idea for something else amazing that I can make with this incredible fabric windfall.



  1. I don't know of any evidence, but maybe use it as a lining for something fancy? Or, depending on how it handles, you could underline it with another fabric and make a dress out of it. It is gorgeous!

  2. I agree that lining it (with a light weight linen perhaps) would probably make it suitable as a dress. I haven't personally come across any evidence for colored silk undergarments. I'm jealous- what a great color!