Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stand back; I'm going to SCIENCE.

Experiment: propagating roses from cuttings.

One red (cut surreptitiously from the neighbors' coveted bush by the fence), one pink (a climber from my front yard with a good history of fortitude), and one yellow (my favorite producer from our driveway-side garden) all clipped according to the Pacific Rose Society's online instructions, dipped in RooTone, settled into potting soil/vermiculite mix, misted and bagged. Bathroom windowsill provides bright indirect daylight. If even one manages to survive, I shall call this a success.

It's not really the right time of year for this and indoor plants have a sad habit of failing under my care, but I've astounded myself before. It's so crazy, it just ... might... work.

If I never speak of it again, assume complete failure. Otherwise, stay tuned for progress pictures and self-congratulation.

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