Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Anniversary Mini-Tapestry

I just realized that I never posted a pic for y'all of what I made my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. So here it is!

That is just a terrible picture! How can it look so good on the camera and when I transfer it over, I realize what an over-exposed, blurry snap it is. Ugh. I apologize.

Haha, just now I thought to myself  "Oh, I'll just go take another one." But of course I can't. Because it's at my parents' house now, on the other side of the country!

I had a few lovely lines from Spenser that I wanted to embroider around the edges, but fitting the verse on was just impossible and I got frustrated and went through tons of printer paper trying to get things to fit right and be a decent, readable size, and finally I just wrote the verse on the card:

From that day forth, in peace and joyous bliss
They liv'd together long without debate;
Nor private jars, nor spite of enemies,
Could shake the safe assurance of their state.

Spenser, am I right? He's got a quote for everything.  I feel like I should tell you more about how I put the whole thing together, and the stitches I used, etc, but I have this terrible toothache that's turned into a infection-y sort of thing, and until I get into the dentist tomorrow afternoon, my brain is percolating in a delicate haze of painkillers that makes me a bit woozy. So I'm gonna go lie down. G'night! 

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