Monday, September 2, 2013

Here, check this out while I make some more stuff to show you.

It's been a very busy weekend at work, but I hate to go very long without something new for you. I know you depend on my for your entertainment, and probably clap with delight every time you see I've posted something new!

I'm a bit late for everyone traveling to Wisby, or for Pennsic, but perhaps you can just squirrel this information away for your next trip, thanks to Ask the Past.

Ask the Past has a lot of interesting, amusing stuff to share about the way folks did things in the way-back-when. Get yourself a cuppa something and take a look around!

Think Geek used to have the perfect shirt to stash in the bottom of your bag or secretly wear under your tunic in case of emergency. I can't find it on their site now, though, so here's a picture of the text. You'll have to make your own!

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