Friday, January 24, 2014

This is how we begin.

Dave wants me to make him Jedi-style robe and tunic. We went the the store to actually buy new fabric! by the yard! instead of sifting through my stash to see what might work, because he has a specific look in mind, and also because the robe alone calls for 8+ yards and I just don't have that much of anything -- unless you count the 15 yards of plum colored cotton velveteen, which Dave politely declined.

I also bought an actual pattern, which makes me nervous because of the sizing fiasco with that double-breasted vest I made that was too small. To avoid wasting fabric, I am being a good seamstress this time and making a toile. I was going to use some muslin that I had lying around, but when I started to unroll it (I bought this roll of muslin yardage at a yard sale for $5, and I've made more test garments from that stuff!) I discovered that I only had about ten feet left -- not near enough.  To the stash!

I had a bolt of celadon green linen blend I had completely forgotten about, buried under some other stuff in a drawer. I remember picking it up for $1.50 a yard a few years ago, and I've made a dress and a pair of pants from it that you can probably find on this blog, but then I stopped using it because it was a blend, and I've become choosy about such things. The bolt had about 6 yards left on it, so I grabbed another chunk of linen blend I got around the same time, that was a darker shade.

If I'd been using the muslin, I'd probably just tear down the toile when I no longer needed it and save the larger pieces for future use. But since I'm using actual pretty-decent fabric, I've decided I'll keep this green robe for myself. The look isn't exactly "Jedi", and it's certainly not appropriate 14th century garb, but there is no reason I can't make it into something awesome -- though of course all the detail work will have to wait until I have Dave's outfit completed, since he has a con to Jedi up for next month. But I have a plan, and wait 'til you see what it is..!

Here it is, so far. Still needs the hood, hems, and finish work done, but I like the hang and swing of it already. Stay tuned!

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