Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Using the Force.

Jedi robe is done! It's a simple pattern, only six pieces, and machine stitching it together took no time at all. I hand finished the seams on the inside, though, so that accounts for the extra time. Along with the time spent cruising through Netflix looking for the next thing to watch, getting up every fifteen minutes to let the dog out, and constantly moving one or both of the cats off my lap.

The pattern provided four extra inches at the bottom hem so the fabric would puddle on the floor. I took it up two inches in the front and tapered down to one inch in the back. This way he doesn't stumble on the hem, but it still sweeps along impressively behind.

Bottom hem is not done in this picture, sorry. It's an imagination opportunity. You're welcome!

The fabric had an ombre effect at the selvage that I liked the look of, plus I thought the rough edges gave a nice "homespun" appearance. I cut the hood and sleeves to take advantage of this. The flash bleached out the true color of the fabric, but you can see what I mean.

Next is the tunic. I've made a toile to check the fit -- it's fine -- and I'm ready to cut the real fabric later today after work. Dave wants me to drop the hem from the hip and make it long; less Luke Skywalker, more Alec Guinness as Obi Wan. So stay tuned for that!

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