Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dave: Jedi.

Dave's Jedi robes are done, just in time for the Emerald City Comic Con next weekend. I think he looks quite masterful.

To top off his outfit, he built his own lightsaber, which is hanging on the wall for quick and easy access. It's bits and pieces from the parts bin at our local recycled building materials shop. We picked out a lot of different likely-looking bits and bobs for about $20 and he played around with them until he liked the way it looked. Then he performed some magic in the garage (I had to work, so I didn't stick around to watch) involving soldering and a saw and epoxy and spray-on rubber texture. Looks legitimate! Nice job!

In other (non-saddle-related) news, I picked up 20 yards of 60" olive-green cotton fabric with a subtle pinstripe for ten bucks. I'm thinking perhaps a Victorian-style gown. Can't decide if I want to do the reenactment thing or get a little steampunk silly with it. We'll see. I'll find the right pattern someday and things will click, like they do.

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  1. Nice costume! I was a Jedi for my work Halloween party!