Monday, March 3, 2014


I hear what you're saying: Wenny, this saddle stuff is very interesting, but it's not like you actually made the saddle. Isn't this blog called Wenny makes it? Aren't you supposed to be making things? 

Yes, you're right. And so I did! The charro saddle was missing its off-billet, a strap that holds the cinch/girth onto the saddle. So I made one, and stitched and stamped it to match the rest of the saddle.

The flash really washed out the color so it looks like it doesn't match, but I assure you, it does.  And in a Wenny-Makes-It double-whammy, I also made the leather stamp. I used a big nail and filed it to the correct size and shape, and scored the cross-hatching onto it.

Look closely; you can see the leather dye under my nails.
 I'm a manicurist's dirty dream. 

So you see: I am making things. Always! Go thou, and do likewise. 


  1. speaking of saddles and leather stamping...

    I got a free subscription to a leatherworking magazine (from the shoe class I took in January) and was hanging on to the latest issue for you. There's lots of saddle-related talk in there. Should I keep it for you, or recycle it? (We're sad we didn't see you and Dave on Sunday...)

  2. Thanks for the magazine! You can come raid my leather scrap bin anytime. =)