Monday, May 5, 2014

Now what?

I just sold five saddles in a package deal to a woman who does horse rescue and gives riding lessons to low-income kids. I'm gonna take a break from saddles now, I think. I love working on them, but they tend to stack up and I feel guilty about how Dave sighs every time he goes in to the garage and has to wend his way through the maze of saddle stands to get to his stuff.

So you know what that means. Time to get back into sewing! It's summertime again (or will be soon) and I've worn the same parti-colored linen dress for two seasons. I mean, I like it and all, but really -- I think it's time for a new linen dress for this summer, yes? So I'm going to see what the stash turns up. I know there's some bright red. I love red. If there's not enough, I'll do another parti-style, probably. Stay tuned -- or feel free to offer suggestions on what you think I should try next!

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