Friday, May 30, 2014

Sidetracked by a wedding!

Some friends of ours are getting married, and we are elbow deep in preparations.

For a gift, we made them a wine box.  The point of it is this: They write each other a letter about their wedding day and how much they love each other and all that mushy stuff, and put them in the box, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Then on their fifth anniversary, they open it up, read the letters, say "Awwww..." and drink the wine. Write new letters and get new wine, put them in the box and wait til their tenth anniversary, etc. And if they ever get in a fight so bad it looks like the end, they are to open the box together, have a glass of wine, read the letters, and remember all the good times and so on, hopefully not flinging the glasses at each other or reading the letters aloud in sarcastic voices.

I did the happy couple's monogram on the front in gold, and we found some beautiful handcut crystal glasses to put in the box.  A week before the wedding, as I was putting them in the box, I dropped one and it shattered. I hollered the appropriate inappropriate words, and Dave quickly got on Amazon and ordered a similar set, paying extra to have them shipped as quickly as possible. The new glasses arrived and they were gorgeous-- too bad they were wider than the original ones and didn't fit in the box! I said a few more words, but couldn't help laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. With the wedding in two days, we hustled to a local shop and got two more glasses (taking the box along to be sure they'd fit!) and finally our gift is done.

Now, I hear that some people just pull an outfit from the closet and go to a wedding, but that's not how we do things in Wennyland, no sir. If you read back, there's probably a few mentions of me trying to come up with what to wear. I went through three different patterns and looked at loads of fabrics before deciding to go with a store-bought dress. I got it on sale. It looked red under the shop lights, but once I got it home, Dave proclaimed it pink. I'm not a fan of pink, but it's a very dark, deep pink and I refuse to do any more shopping as the wedding is tomorrow, so this is what it is.

From a website. I wish I were this tan! 

I planned a little white sweater to go over my shoulders because it's an outdoor wedding and might get a little breezy, but of course the one I had thought would look so cute just looked matronly and awful. If it had been more of a shrug and less of a cardigan, that would have helped. Oh well. I fled to my stash and you guys, I found the perfect thing -- three and a half yards of white silk with a subtle floral/asian pattern. Absolutely gorgeous, and how could I have forgotten I had such lovely stuff! I draped it over my shoulders --and it was far too long. I folded it in half, and it was just a bit too short. I panicked a little then, because the idea of chopping this silk off with scissors -- ahh! No! I wanted to keep it whole so that I could still make something from it later. It was only meant to pretend to be a wrap for this one afternoon. An internet tutorial on how to wear a large scarf inspired me and I found a way to make a knot and wind it around myself that I think looks very stylish. We'll see!

Finally, because I haven't quite mastered fancy updos and because 14th century braids, wimple, and veil would look very out of place with this dress, I decided I needed a posh hat to top everything off (and disguise my lack of hairstyling skills.)  I found a basic straw hat for a few dollars in a thrift shop, added my own ribbon, a few silk roses and a wee bird, and made a very girly hat for myself.

Once this wedding weekend is over, I can get back to work on my dirndl and all those other fun things. See you then!

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