Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Viking Kit

If you look back to my earliest posts, you'll see my viking cloak and viking-esque/modern-interpretation dress. I had planned to make a new, more period-accurate dress, but as I was pulling out the red wool to see if I had enough, I found two yards of cream-colored wool I'd stashed away. I had a sudden vision of a white tunic with green embellishment, and green wool pants to match. Because, hey look! -- I have a few yards of green wool hiding here under the white stuff. Perfect!

Sometimes I just don't feel like wearing a dress. Even a cute viking dress with beads. I'll still make the red dress. For next fall or something. But now...

I took advantage of two days' sick leave and handstitched this beauty. The green embroidery is a wool persian yarn from "The Super Yarn Mart" in LA, apparently, though I got it (of course) at a thrift shop for a dollar, in a bag with about four other skeins. More green triangles are going to go on the cuffs, and possibly on the hem.

UPDATE! Jan 14
I finished the collar appliques and decided the ones on the sleeves should go in the middle of the sleeve, not the cuff. I'm loving the way it looks! Pics when I'm done!

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