Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nålbinding 2

Check it out, yo -- I've totally got the hang of it now! This is intended to be a hat, and I'm interested to see if it ends up being one. It may end up being a pouch of some sort. It's kind of in a larval stage right now as I figure out what I can do.

And also: that needle? I made it myself last summer from a lilac branch when we trimmed the bushes by the carport. Lilac wood is really pretty. You can't see it in my needle, but in a larger sample, you'd be able to see purple streaks running through the wood. Pretty cool. I wonder if I can find a pic online... sec.

Okay, here -- see the purple? Awesome. We let a local wood artisan have the logs from the lilac we had to remove. I hope he does something really cool with it.
(This pic is NOT his stuff, though. It's from Inaka Custom Furniture and Art.)


  1. What is that "Abandon?" Looks like a porta-potty.

  2. I have no idea. It's either a table or a vase. The important part is it shows the purple striping I was talking about lilac wood having.

    You could buy it and use it for whatever you like, I suppose.