Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's not ALL sewing, revisited

Back in 1953, a house was built. A cute little single-level house with two quiet bedrooms, a sunshiny kitchen, and a spacious dining room and living room with big picture windows. Our house! Although we didn't live in it way back then, of course.

Through the years, the basic layout has remained the same. Except for paint, wallpaper, and floor coverings, not much has changed. And yet there are still surprises to be found. Like when we tore up the carpet in the living room and discovered it was original to the 1953 home. The scraps of wallpaper and splashes and dribbles of paint on the subflooring showed us how the place was originally decorated. (A lot of dark green, peacock blue, and peach-y orange, in case you're wondering.)

So what's this got to do with the picture I'm showing you here? Well. This is what happens when we take a theory to its logical conclusion. Dave says something innocuous like "I wonder... since the house is plumbed for gas, but the stove is electric... do you think there might be a gas line into the kitchen that's been walled over? It looks like there's been some drywall work done on that wall..."

And then a simple bit of musing combines with my love of household archaeology, and the crowbars come out.

This weekend's project is called: Looking For Gas (In All The Wrong Places).

To be continued...


Yeah, we didn't find a gas line anywhere. When it got to the point where I was ready to start tearing up the floorboards to see if there was one running under the house, Dave stopped me with a reminder that we can always have a line plumbed in to the kitchen ourselves.

Then we went to the local hardware giant and bought drywall to replace what we cut away. Dave fixed the wall while I cleaned the noisy bathroom fan and vacuumed out the vent. Then I measured the bathroom and drafted the floor plan onto graph paper so when we remodel in there, we'll know exactly how much tile and stuff we need. But that's another project for another time.

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