Friday, March 2, 2012

Is it summer, yet?

Even though it's 38 degrees f and blustery outside -- typical March -- I've got an itch to make a new dress for summertime. I picked up four yards of dark blue linen a while back while thrifting ($4.99!) and I've decided that's going to be my newest kirtle.

Oh but Wen,
I hear you whine, All you ever make anymore is kirtles! When are we going to see something new and fabulous?

Hush, you. Make your own blog.

Seriously, though; even if all I ever made was kirtles, there are so many variations that it could keep a girl busy and interested for a long, long time. You know. If she was interested to begin with. Sleeves? No sleeves? Short sleeves? Lined or unlined skirt? Wool? Linen? Contrasting colors? Matching tones? What shape neckline? Waist seam, gathered, pleated? No waist seam? I
think you see what I mean.

And this one has the added interest of -- wait for it! -- decorative embroidery! BAM! That's right, cats an' kittens, this one is going help build my embroidery skills by working a border around the bottom hem, the sleeve cuffs, and the neckline.

I want a blue linen kirtle with short sleeves and an unlined, unpleated skirt that falls from a lined bodice. My inspiration is
Bettina's look shown on her page. (She does such nice work. I really wish she would update us on what she's doing these days; her stuff kinda stops in 2010.) I'm adding an assiette-style sleeve that will come to just above the elbow, yardage permitting.

So far I've finished the bodice, except for lacing eyelets. Tonight I'll start work on the skirt panels, and once they're done, then the embroidery can begin. I'll post pics of what I've done on the bodice after work.

The outside.
The white whipstitch on the side is just temporary for fitting. That's where the lacing will go.

The inside!

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