Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting shirty?

A 3-day shirt is a doddle. I cut the pieces on Tuesday night, hemstitched all the pieces last night, and at lunch today I faced the neckline and pieced the collar. It's pinned in place now, and tonight all I have to do is stitch it on. Then I'll sew the sleeves to the body and stitch up the sides. Three eyelets on the neckline and a quick braided lace, and Dave shall have a fine new shirt for Honey War. Here's some pictures of progress:

The sleeves and body cut and hemmed.
Goodness, my flash makes this fabric look very, very pink!
It's actually a maroon color, you'll see!

Here you can see the neck facing and the collar pinned on. 

This linen has a very shiny treatment on it that will disappear with the first wash. But Wenny, I hear you saying, Aren't you supposed to wash your yardage before you start making something with it? Isn't that like one of the big rules?

Hush you. This is linen. It won't shrink. It'll be fine. And if it isn't, then lesson learned for me, and a chance to be smug for you.

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