Saturday, June 9, 2012

Here's the thing: The shirt would have been done last night except that I had forgotten that we were going to see Prometheus after I got home from the stable. So the time I had planned to be sewing was spent nestled into a plush reclining theater seat with a bucket of Diet Coke and an industrial barrel of kettlecorn. I actually brought the shirt along and tried to stitch during the previews, but it's really dark once they turn out the lights. (Imagine that!)

Then as we were driving home from the movies, we decided that spending the following afternoon at an outdoor fair when the forecast was calling for clouds and showers did not sound like a fun plan. Instead we spent the day in Seattle, mooching around the EMP Museum of music, sci fi, and pop culture and eating PF Chang's and gelato. It was good fun and absolutely awesome to spend time with Dave. 

But Wenny! I can hear you saying, What about the 3-Day Shirt and all your bragging? You've really let us down. We had faith in you! 

Oh, get a life. Once I get done picking the popcorn hulls out of my molars, I'll finish that last seam and post pics  for y'all. I like my sewing hobby, but I also know that it's not the biggest priority I have in my life. And besides, it's not like Dave needed it to wear to the event today, after all. 

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