Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Big One, Update

I spoke about two weeks ago about a big project I have been planning for about a year. It's exciting to have a secret project under wraps, but you all have been pestering me so much to hear more details that I will relent and show you a few of my plans.

You saw the materials --the fine gold wool fabric, the crimson linen. There's black wool, too, and it all is going to work together in this:

A very rough sketch, but perhaps it will give you an idea of what is taking shape in my mind. To give you further ideas, I point you towards Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene Book I, canto 4:

Suddein vpriseth from her stately place
   The royall Dame, and for her coche doth call:
   All hurtlen forth, and she with Princely pace,
   As faire Aurora in her purple pall,
   Out of the East the dawning day doth call:
   So forth she comes: her brightnesse brode doth blaze;
   The heapes of people thronging in the hall,
   Do ride each other, vpon her to gaze:
Her glorious glitterand light doth all mens eyes amaze.

So forth she comes, and to her coche does clyme,
   Adorned all with gold, and girlonds gay,
   That seemd as fresh as Flora in her prime,
   And stroue to match, in royall rich array,
   Great Iunoes golden chaire, the which they say
   The Gods stand gazing on, when she does ride
   To Ioues high house through heauens bras-paued way
 Drawne of faire Pecocks, that excell in pride,
And full of Argus eyes their tailes dispredden wide. 

But this was drawne of six vnequall beasts,
On which her six sage Counsellours did ryde,
Taught to obay their bestiall beheasts,
With like conditions to their kinds applyde:


  1. Aww nuts, you guessed. No, really though -- what makes you think that?

  2. The verse talks about women's breasts

  3. It does? I don't see it. Where?

  4. Whoops! Guess you know where my mind is. I read "beasts" as "breasts."

  5. "...six unequal breasts"?!? That'd be some bra, all right!