Saturday, August 4, 2012

We only have 24 hours left to save the earth..!

Ahh, Flash Gordon. What a terrible, wonderful movie. Have you seen it? Pure 80s camp. That's where the title to this entry comes from, in case you're wondering why I mention it.

Anyway. Today we're headed to the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Festival. It's pirate weekend, and I'm not a big fan of pirates, but next weekend is fairy weekend and... well, at least pirates are real. I have a love/hate relationship with ren faires; I like dressing up in all my finery and seeing the events (especially the horses!) and shopping the vendors for bits of whatnot. But I can't hold my tongue when I see someone wearing a cotton print wench outfit with elastic pulled low to display boobs ratcheted into structural significance by a buckled leather corset. Usually there's a pirate near at hand, and both are flirting in horrific cockney accents.... but I'm getting away from my real topic, which is this: 24 hours before any given event, you can find me with my needle in hand, making myself the new piece of garb that I've decided I can't go without.

Last night was no exception. In fact, I had three projects I wanted to complete: Dave needed pockets (non-period, I know, but necessary) in his pants, I wanted to make cards promoting this blog to hand around, and I needed a St Birgitta's cap to wear under my straw hat.

Annnd I just realized that I have to go to work. More on this later, after the faire, probably. I'll have pictures to share! Until then, here's a look at my promotion card:


  1. Sounds like me the week before Dragon Con on the years we go....

  2. Ah yes -- weren't you making a full-on ensemble for your milady? Or was that the BSG blues?