Sunday, August 5, 2012

We're back!

...and not even sunburned. That alone makes this year's ren faire a success. Well done, us!

I took one picture there, you guys. One. While we were watching the fire juggler, I saw some pennants at a nearby stall, painted with the word "Huzzah!" and I thought they were kinda cute, but not $15 cute. I could make one of those in an hour, I thought, and embroider it, and it'd be even better. So I took a picture. The pennants can barely be seen in the snapshot, so I won't post it here, but it was enough to remind me.  Can't you just see me at tournament, merrily waving my pennant? Maybe I'll put a little jingle bell on it or something. Love it.

I got my nerd on with the blacksmith...

Me: Good morrow, Master Smith!

Blacksmith: Good morrow, my good lady.

Me: Pray tell me, what is the purpose of this? (holding up an item from his table of wares)

BS: Ah, see, this has an acorn at the end-- that's a nut, yes? And here, a knot has been worked into the iron. So it's a "knotty nut".

Me: (blank stare.) ...I ...see?

BS: (smiling disingenuously) Here's two on a ring, with this piece here added, see how it's twisted like a screw?

Me: Aye...

BS: So, if one has this, one can ask if a person wants to fondle one's knotty nuts and screw.

Me: (feigned innocence with a suspicious arched eyebrow) Indeed?

BS: ..and good master Smith doesn't get in trouble, because it's just an innocent request. (jangles the ring invitingly)

Me: (bemused look) And why would one want to do that?

BS: You see, it's... (sighs heavily, maybe not used to explaining) Perhaps it's for crazy people. Yes?

Me: It well must be. I think just this salt spoon, today.

And so I bought this wee salt spoon to go with the silver viking ship salt cellar I got a while back that was missing its spoon. I put a nickel by it for size comparison:

Now it's time for work, again, so check back later for more tales from the faire, and a picture of my last-moment St Birgitta's cap!

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