Sunday, December 16, 2012

Almost Famous!

One of our local theatre groups, Prodigal Sun, did a holiday production including a play called "Yes, Yes, No, No: The-Solace-of-Solstice, Apogee/Perigee, Bestial/Celestial Holiday Show". Dave was one of the main performers, and three days before opening night he came home with a plastic bag containing knit hats sodden with glue and a handful of sticky cotton balls.

"Can you make sheep ears for us? The cotton balls aren't working out."

Can I make ears? I laugh at ears! Ears are what I do best! I can make ears in my sleep!  I whipped out some white felt and pink fleece scraps I had left over from other projects, threw the glue-y hats in the wash, and fired up Sally the Sewing Machine. Half an hour later, I had this:

I thought they were adorable!

When I went to see the show on Friday night, I found I'd been included in the program's "Special Thanks" section.

Look!! They even linked my blog!
The best part was when the actors whipped out the hats and put them on, and I got to hear the whole audience collectively go "Awwwwww!" and die with cuteness. Those sheep really stole the whole show, and that's not something one can do with cotton balls glued to one's head.


  1. Woohoo! Those ears are very nice. Tutorial? :)

  2. Okay! I love making ears; they're super easy, and such a fun look. Keep an eye out for a tutorial soon. =)