Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Remember a week or two ago when I linked that video of JourneyQuest and said I'd explain later? Now that the gift involved has been presented to its recipient, I can finally post pictures here and show you what I made.

This is my friend Christian Doyle, who portrays "Perf", the professional adventuring wizard part of the cast of the show JourneyQuest. It was my husband Dave's idea to create a doll of Perf --a cuddly "action figure", if you will -- and present it to Christian for Christmas.

I was convinced that I had no yellow fabric, that there was nothing the right shade for a doll body, that making the hat would be difficult. I opened the drawers of my stash and there, sitting right on top, was the exact shade of yellow I needed for the robe, a paler piece for the hooded tabard, and some peach linen just right for the body. The next drawer held brown leather for belt, boots, and the hat trim, and a piece of chamois that when wetted, shaped, and dried formed the hat perfectly. It was easy and fun, and I didn't have to make any trips to the fabric shop to buy anything!  Dave made the sword, and in a final bit of inspiration, I added a squeaker so that Perf would utter a frightened "Eeep!" when squeezed.

I think he turned out rather well, and when Christian posted this pic of Facebook, we learned that 58 other people liked it too!

Here they are together, for a side-by-side comparison.  If you took Wee Perf's hat off, you'd see he has the same scruffy hair as his larger human counterpart.

Awwwwwwww...  I know, right? Too cute!

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