Monday, December 10, 2012

Stripey goodness!

I've got the skirt panels put together, and the zipper in. It's the first zipper I've ever installed, and it's not as tidy a job as I'd like, but it'll be covered by a corselet so I'm not gonna sweat it. There's no proper waistband yet and I still need to work and attach the ruffle, but I tried it on and did a little prance around the living room anyway, just because I'm so pleased and excited about it. Here's a pic of it folded on the tabletop:

There's one seam unfinished in this pic, but I assure you, all my seams are properly flat-felled and fray-free.

Truly dazzling, and the way the stripes chevron together at the seams makes me happy, happy, happy.

And because I mentioned her by name in my previous blog, here's a snap of Sally, my old workhorse of a stitcher:

If you could see the back of her carry-cover, you'd see the price tag still there from when I picked her up last year from Goodwill -- $7.99. She's an English-made Singer, and has her little quirks -- like how there's only one bobbin in the world that she will function with, so I have to unwind and reload it with every color change, and how using heavy-duty thread makes her bind up every few minutes -- but we have an understanding and she gets the job done. Dave has offered many time to buy me a nice new machine, but for the amount of machine sewing I do, there's no reason to spend the money. (I'd rather have new tires for my car! haha) And I kind of like the weird retro color and the personality that comes with these old stitchers.

Okay, I gotta get back to the ruffle. LoTR is playing in the other room and I can't miss the dragon fireworks!

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