Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No love for the "History" Channel

Dave's getting really tired of watching Game of Thrones with me, I can tell. Not because I keep pestering him to fill me in on stuff I've missed while getting up to fetch another drink or get my scissors or let the dog in or out, no -- it's because of my consistent growling whenever an ad for Vikings comes on.

Have you seen this wreck? I was as excited as anyone else when the promos came out: "Oh boy, Vikings! I can't wait to see this!" But then as I saw more and more of the ads, I realized I'd never be happy with it -- the costuming is all wrong.

It's like the person in charge did no research at all. She claims she did.   But then she says the most infuriating thing:  “I built up a very general picture of how they looked, but I discovered that perhaps there wasn’t enough there to sustain visual interest for nine episodes. I had to take a leap of faith. Overall, I think you just try to be as true and as original as you can and take some liberties to make it interesting.”

'-to make it interesting.' 


Words fail me.

The freaking HISTORY channel says Vikings are so boring that we have to dress them up in ridiculous costumes to keep Joe Average's attention on them for 43 minutes of every hour?

Here. Go HERE. Go and look at Vikings done right by some lovely Norwegian folk who I guarantee will not bore you. Look at the vivid colors. Look at the embroidery and the weaving and the beauty. If these people were a nine-part miniseries, I wouldn't miss an episode. That dog of mine that I love so much would be given a big meaty bone so she'd stop scratching at the door. And my sewing would lay untouched in my lap because my eyes would never leave the screen -- until the commercials, where I would pick it up and start industriously stitching on my own garb because I'd be so damn inspired. 

I'd not even mind that this child was running around, and I'm not a fan of children in dramas because they're always so cutesy and precocious. He's just so awesome-looking! 

Look at all the adorable!
 And before you start handing me any grief about the costumes in Game of Thrones, I remind you that GoT is fantasy and not shown on a channel that pretends to be educational, so they can wear whatever ridiculous nonsense they want and while I may roll my eyes, I won't get offended.

Even if it's a dress that looks like a bucket.


  1. I wonder if the issue wasn't that they didn't look interesting enough but that they didn't loom "Viking" enough. It was like they were saying that the average viewer had such preconceived notions as to what a Viking should be that they had to play to that or risk people turning it off bored.

  2. Oh, likely. They should all be wearing helmets with horns on them, and singing opera, too.