Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The final cart update.

This one really goes out to Dave, my wonderful husband. As I mentioned in my last post, his "man room" is being encroached upon by my sewing stash, a situation he deals with gallantly as long as I keep it tidy. He has been a bit more vocal about my leathercrafting workshop in the garage, though I try to be as orderly as possible. (Saddles just take up a lot of space!)  And then I start making noise about making a cart for the dog-- well, I think he knew he had to step in. Mostly because I have no woodworking experience to speak of, and while I might have a plan, putting it into effect would probably yield results most rickety, if not downright dangerous.

I have tried to check my headstrong ways and learn to ask for help when I need it. Dave appeared in the garage and started asking all the right leading questions to figure out what the cart in my head looked like. Then he valiantly wrestled the power tools out of my hands, and started measuring lumber and making pencil marks. I searched the internet for scrollwork trim designs -- the most important part of cart-building, I think!

An hour later, we had a plan, Dave had started on the cart bed and I was using a jig saw for the first time to cut out hearts and scallops. Just as I started to cuss because things were going lopsided, Dave reminded me I had a few clients to tend to, and said we'd work more on the cart together when I got home in a couple hours. Meanwhile, he'd run to the hardware store.

He works so hard to make me happy, you guys. I'm so lucky to have him. And look how handsome he is! I know you're all super jealous. It's the tattoos, right? And he has gorgeous legs from all the running he does.

When I got back, he'd sanded the cutouts I'd done and was getting ready to fit the wheels on. It was ready for its first test drive by dinnertime, and over the next two weeks we added some more scrollwork and a coat of paint, plus the side rails. We even added two iron hooks to the front, one for the bell, and one for the lantern.

My big contribution was painting the red and cream-colored floral trim. I don't do a lot of painting so my work is a little amateur, but I think that adds to the charm and authenticity of the piece. In this picture, I hadn't wiped away my guideline yet -- that's what the thin scratchy marks are. I was too excited to take a picture to wait until the paint was dry!

If I had been making this cart all by myself (my original intention), it would be wobbly and half done, I would be frustrated, and it would sit unfinished in the garage taking up space for maybe a year or two before I would get tired of looking at it and break it down or throw it out. But thanks to Dave, who knows when I need a hand, Josie and I have a beautiful little cart. 

Now all we need is an event to take it to, and you'll see pictures of the full effect: garb, dog, lantern -- the works!

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