Monday, August 5, 2013

Wenny has a party!

Do you ever have so many folds of wool in your stash that you start to feel greedy and that since you have so much, you should give a bunch of it away?

Yeah, me neither.

But I do have a lot, you guys, because of my buying practices. They're not normal. Most people's fabric buying probably goes: get idea, go to fabric store, buy fabric, make item, done. Because I get my fabric from thrift shops, my buying goes more like: see wool on a hanger, buy it, stash it, get idea, check stash for suitable yardage/color, make item, done. So I have a large stash of various sizes, weights, and colors.

It makes my husband crazy; I've almost completely taken over his "man room" with three dressers that have their drawers stuffed with folded fabric. Oh, and there are a dozen or more hangers with more folds hanging in the closet. It's all lovely stuff. Sometimes I go into the closet and just pet it, smoothing my hands over all the yummy wool. I leave the price tags on so I can exult all over again when I pull a piece for a project, eg: "Can you believe I only paid five dollars for this! There's three yards here!"

But things began to reach a critical limit this spring. I brought home five yards of a muted green and when I went to hang it up in the closet, a bolt of plum-colored cotton velveteen and a window fan tried to topple onto me, along with two shoeboxes full of ribbon and bobbins. And I was all out of hangers. And I could barely cram it alongside the others when I stole found a hanger in the bedroom closet.

So I decided to take a drastic measure. I invited eighteen friends to come on over, pick out some wool for themselves, and sit and sew with me for the afternoon. I made a chocolate bundt cake and a pitcher of lemonade. I spent the week leading up to the event gently watering the lawn in the evenings so the grass would be soft and green, not crispy and brown. I set up chairs and small tables under our pop-up and hung the Almighty Boar in place of pride. I set out a big table on the porch with stacks of folded wool, my two thread racks, shoeboxes of notions, scissors and thimbles and measuring tapes. I was all ready and nervous as anything. It was the first "Wenny Makes It -- with YOU!" party!

Two people showed up to make things. But we had such fun! I had planned on providing instruction for a Skjold hood, but my guests wanted to make bags, so they made bags and I worked on a hood for myself. The second round of lemonade had whiskey tipped into it because that's just the way sewing parties go at my place.

Here's Christy, putting a blanket stitched edge on her twill-pattern bag.
(You can see my boar bag by her elbow as an example)
Mayme was a complete novice to hand sewing, and I think she did very well!

My hood, before any of the decorative trim stitching.
The same hood, believe it or not, under indoor lighting. It's dark green with indigo blue trim.

I hope to have another "WMI-with YOU!" party again soon. You should come! (Free wool!)

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