Sunday, August 25, 2013


Fellow blogger Sofia linked me to Thomas de Beauchamp and his good wife Katherine's effigy and tomb in response to questions I had about laced garments in the 14th century. Besides being fascinating, it sent me scampering to my notebook to look up some notes I'd made a few weeks back about the very same couple. I'd been listening to The History Chicks' podcast about Tudor grandmothers (where they'd spoken about Katherine Mortimer) and when I heard the name "Beauchamp" I perked right up --because it's very similar to my last name! I'd wanted to remember to look up more about them, but as usual I'd become sidetracked by other things... so thank you, Sofia, for putting me back on track!

Now I have ideas in my head about outfitting Dave as Thomas de Beauchamp, complete with Order of the Garter outfit. Of course, I'd need at least one gigantic frilled veil to go anywhere with him. Wish I could find one good picture of Kate and Tom from above, frontal, so I could see if there's any family resemblance... 

Dave agrees that he would look simply stunning in that purple and gold hat. 

I'm being a bit silly, I'm afraid. I've had the deuce of a headcold for the last four days and I'm just getting to the point where I'm not blowing my nose every second and I almost feel human again. I'm not even terribly sure if this post makes much sense. Let's just write it off to the vicarious pleasure one gets when learning of a famous person that has the same name as oneself. I'd not want to actually be married to Thomas, there, though -- he and Katherine had fifteen children and I can't even manage to keep up with one mostly-grown boy, a dog and a cat! (And I own a washer and dryer!)  ... you know, I think maybe this cold is affecting me more than I thought. I best go lie down for a bit. 


  1. Well im just happy to help you out! And that Beauchamp-project sounds really cool, i sincerely hope you get around doing it! :D

  2. NyQuil is a terrible drug. I'll have to see about making Dave a basic kit before I start getting all fancy with Order of the Garter gear! But maybe someday...