Thursday, February 13, 2014

Confession, of sorts. (with bonus pic!)

I'm really glad I did so much sewing on my own, from my own patterns and ideas, before attempting to work with commercial patterns. These Jedi robes are not difficult garments by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes the written instructions that come with them are... well, "unclear" is a nice way to put it.

Case in point: I've come to a place where the directions ask me to cut out four of a certain piece. I can see absolutely no reason to have more than two of the pieces. It's an edge binding; two long strips sewn together to make one long strip, stitched to the garment edge, pressed over, turn a hem, then fold over and slip stitch to the inside.

As I can see no use (in the directions or the accompanying illustrations) for four pieces, I'm going ahead with what makes sense to me. It looks fine.

Besides, we all know that directions are just a suggestion.  A starting point, right? Sure. Stay tuned for pics of the finished outfit by next week.  In the meantime, because I've read somewhere that you should never post some thing without a picture, here is a picture of the Star Wars movies done as a Bayeaux-style tapestry (although it's in cross stitch which I think is not quite as cool as the original Bayeaux stitch, and much more time-consuming!)

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