Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot Hot Heat

It's 88 degrees, and while my hub insists that this is perfect summertime weather and not hot at all, I an inclined to disagree. If I were in the shade of a big tree, with comfortable chair and holding an icy-cold cocktail, perhaps my feelings would change. Unfortunately, the plan for the day was weeding the rosebed, and there are no big trees, chairs, or cocktails to be found there. That being the case, I have postponed my weeding until things cool off this evening, and am now playing seamstress at the dining room table.

Today's main effort: trim for Dave's doublet, and cutting out my sottana.

My plan for the trim was originally ten yards or so of jaquard ribbon, but I have found nothing appealing when I shopped. Instead, I devised Plan B: 3/4" black satin ribbon studded with glass pearl-like beads, and an embroidery X. Here's a pic of my test run.

I had thought of running a strip of 1/8" black satin ribbon on either side to give it bit more presence, but I think I like it better on its own.

This same trim will be going on my sottana, so we'll sorta match. And that's just so precious I could -- oh wait, no, it's kinda cool.

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