Tuesday, July 19, 2011

*record needle scratch!*

Whoa! Stop the presses ... or sewing machines, or whatever. My honey needs a new pretty or two for the WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire (http://www.washingtonfaire.com/) so I'm dropping the needle on my effigy corset and picking up the scissors to make him a jerkin. Stay tuned for further developments!

While you wait, enjoy this awesome handsewn linen shirt! He looks pleased because I finally made something for him.

And here is the dashing man with his complete look: Handsewn linen shirt with simple blackwork embroidery on the cuffs and collar, green linen pants, and a heavy, soft, velvety cloak that used to be a bedspread or something.

A closer look at the cloak. It's very full, and when he starts walking, you can almost hear the Imperial March.

1 comment:

  1. The cape kicks ass, the silver attachment clasp is fetching, and nice detail on the linen shirt up at the collar.