Friday, July 15, 2011

With a roar!

Today has been an amazing day. The local retirement community had a patio sale, and I got a Dritz "My Double" Deluxe dress form for three dollars. It's practically brand new; in perfect condition.

And let me say that price again because I still can't believe it: Three... freakin ...dollars.

So, once work was over and dinner was done, I've spent the evening playing dress-up with my new toy. Finally I can see what outfits look like at the back without twisting my neck or trying to wrangle mirror angles. Is it stupid that I'm so in love with this gadget?

Today's other project is continued work on my effigy corset. I've run into busk problems, as in: I don't have one. I'll come up with something by tomorrow, I bet.

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