Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fuschia File

Today I got (among other more reasonably-hued bits) five yards of 58" hot fuschia wool. For $5.99. Take a moment to absorb that amazing price, unclench your fists at missing out on this bargain yourself, and look at this picture:

Holy cow, is that bright. And you know what? The picture doesn't do it justice. It rather tones it down a bit, actually. The actual color is so violently pink it makes your teeth vibrate.

Good Lord, Wen, I can hear you saying, Why on earth did you ever buy it? What can you possibly plan to make out of that? Why, that color didn't even exist in the middle ages!

Tut tut, my friends. The price was just so darn good, I could not pass it up. And I have a secret plan. Well, not so very secret, as I'm going to share it with you, right now: Rit Color Remover. (http://www.ritdye.com/store/laundry-first-aid/color-remover-group)

I have never used this stuff before, though I've been using Rit dye for years and usually get the results I'm hoping for. With a color this bright, I feel a complete removal is too much to ask, but hopefully the pink will be toned down enough that I can overdye it with another color and come up with something useable. And if not, well... I can use the stuff to make mock-ups or something. Cut it into a rag rug. Whatever.

So. Stay tuned. Pictures will follow with my results.

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